1Hot air oven (50o C)11
   2Centrifuge Machine electric (Rotofix)22
   3Water Bath (Electric)41
   4GlasswareAs requiredAvailable
   StainsAs requiredAvailable
  Chemical Reagents for HistopathologyAs requiredAvailable
   6Haemocytometer with RBC & WBC Pipettes2530
   7Haemoglobinometer (Sahli’s Type)2530
   8Autoclave Electric22
   9Anaerobic apparatus22
 10Stopwatch ( ½ sec)22
 11pH meter11
 12Microscope with oil immersion2530
 13High Speed Centrifuge for serological/Hematological work11
 14ESR (Westergren/ wintrobe)02 sets each2
 15Colony Counter11
 16Material for preparation of mediaAs requiredAvailable
 17Material for preparation of StainAs requiredAvailable
 18Coplin Jars26
 19Computer with accessories11
 20Machine for estimation of blood sugar/serological test11
 21Pathological Specimens25300
2Additional Item 16
3Total Number of Charts 132
4Total number of Models 0