Physiology integrates the individual functions of all the body’s different cells and organs into a functional whole, the human.

   Life in the human being relies upon total function, not on functions of the siggale parts in isolation from the others. Physiologists call this high level of internal bodily control homeostasis.

   Homeopathy looks beyond the outward physical aspect believing the mind and will are the most powerful aspects of the person, followed by the emotions and lastly the physical body.

   Physiology helps us to understand how the body works. It also helps us to realize what goes wrong in disease. We emphasize how mind, emotions modify functions of body through Neuro-Endocrine Axis, results in Health and Disease


  • The Department is fully equipped with latest equipment’s.
  • We are having 40 microscope aided by Artificial and natural light.
  • Models of various systems and charts are displayed for better visualization.
  • Departmental library is well maintained with more than 50 reference books.
  • All the other apparatus, like sphygmomanometer ECG machine, spirograph

Clinical instruments like knee hammer, tuning fork etc. are maintained for Teaching.

  • The Department has its own Hematology Laboratory Bleeding and clotting time, Blood Group, TLC, DLC, ESR estimation etc.
  • The Department has its own separate Bio-Chemistry laboratory, where different tests’ are performed like tests for carbohydrates, proteins & Urine Constituents.