The subject is of practical importance to the students of homeopathic medicine as homeopathic physicians can be employed by Government in areas where they may have to handle medicolegal cases, perform autopsies, apart from giving evidence in such cases. Forensic Medicine and Medicolegal works are also concern of police and many other investigating agencies, laboratories, legal authorities and court rooms. Forensic Medicine relates to application of medical knowledge for dispensation of justice in a Court of Law. Thus, this subject teaches a man how to use knowledge of medical science to clarify or solve related legal problems or issues.

Toxicology – Diagnosis and treatment of poisoning cases is at present essentially in the domain of clinicians. But as the clinitians, are reluctant to deal with legal aspects of poisoning cases and as they actually may not do so satisfactorily, like all other medicolegal cases, poisoning cases having legal implications are in part dealt by specialists in forensic medicine. Many of the unnatural death cases, where postmortem examination of the dead body if performed, are cases of death due to poisoning or where some poisoning is an associated factor in the process or the circumstances of death. Hence, to deal these cases successfully, a medicolegist has to be well conversant with the different aspects of different poisons prevalent in his locality and their poisoning effects on human beings.