“DEAD TEACHES LIVING”: Trinity of life is Mind, Body & Spirit

This is the basic subject of medical science deals with the study of the structure of the human body. Our department is one of the best departments all over India.

Anatomy Department is well equipped & fulfilled with all necessary equipment & Instruments as per the C.C.H. New Delhi norms. The total area of the department is 3079.16 sq. ft. In this department separate dissection room, Museum, demonstration room & H.O.D. The room is available. It is well ventilated & lively department though it is with dead bodies.


  • We have a live dissection for which there is one body provided per 10 students. C.D.’s of virtual dissection available in dissection hall with multimedia computer. Also one mummified body is available for surface marking.
  • No. of 130 models of various organs, Joints, embryology etc. are available in our department.
  • Total No. 200 charts available in the department like Homeopathic oriented 30 Charts, charts of clinical anatomy and charts of various organs & muscles.
  • We have total 18 C.D.’s in our department which includes C.D.’s like complete embryonic development, C.D. of Skeleton, C.D. of Functional anatomy of Heart, Complete Dissection CD etc.
  • 25 Microscope available for in Histology Section, Various type of microscope like that, Electronic microscope, Bipolar Microscope, Phase contrast microscope, dissecting microscope & also about 25 student type of Microscope.
  • Histologist 400 Slides available in Histology section for students.
  • Audio-visual teaching aids like computer, X-Ray view Box & Slide Projector are available in Department.

Thus with help of above all facilities.  You will remember.

  • Some of what you hear.
  • Much of what you read.
  • More of what you see,
  • almost all of what you experience & understand fully.

We do not leave any stone unturned to make our students understand human structure