The Organon developed slowly out of the Hahnemann’s thinking and experimentation. It is a masterful exercise in explaining the need for the homeopathic system and the showing, step by step, how to use it.

      With this book in hand, one would learn everything about homeopathy. Hahnemann explains all that is needed, how to prepare the medicines, how to conduct a proving to determine medicinal value, how to document information, how to relate to the patient and how to determine the relevance of adjunct therapies in practice. The importance of the subject is such that, it is taught in all the four years so that, the student gets a firm basis and sound foundation for practice.

      “There is no harm in constructing tall buildings in the air that is where they should be only thing is to put strong foundation on the ground “

       The greatest treasure of the department is its library. Our homeopathic literature is thus no mere repository of information, but also the communal efforts of flawed human writers to approach the Divine, such that each book, even one that is no longer use becomes a kind of Historical monument. Our literature includes many journals, books and volumes of papers presented at various meeting since the inception of homeopathy. The collection of photographs and contribution of the leaders of homeopathy are great source of inspiration to the student of homeopathy.