Departmental Museum

     A separate museum is available in the anatomy department. The total area of the museum is 922 sq. ft. There are more than 1000 specimens available for well knowledge & study of students. All varieties of a specimen like embryological specimens include specimens from 06 weeks of the embryo to full-term fetus. Also specimens of anencephalic baby, huge meningeal, persistent foramen ovale, fetal circulation, etc. We have specimens like an Optic track, Pituitary gland, vocal cord, huge ovarian cyst, multiple fibroids,s, etc.

   Also, our museum contains a section on comparative anatomy. This section contains the specimens like Snake dissected, Frog dissected, Bat dissected, etc. Our museum also contains specimens like Ear Ossicles, Tooth showing pulp cavity.

   All these specimens are prepared & mounted in this department.